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Liverpool, England is where I was born and raised, and my studies to Grade 12 were at the Convent of Mercy High School, Broughton Hall. This was (and still is) a very well-respected institute of learning, where the Sisters of Mercy tried to keep us in line!! I loved school, and my memories are vivid and thought of very fondly!

During the last year of school, I trained in various Commercial courses, and while I enjoyed these studies, not for a moment did I think they would leave such an indelible mark on my life!! Working originally in Liverpool, in time my career extended to major secretarial and administrative assistant roles with a number of prestigious employers in Toronto and Vancouver. In the late ‘70s to ‘80s, I worked as an Executive Secretary with The Bank of Nova Scotia at its Regional Office in Vancouver. I took a break from the secretarial mode and for three years worked in direct sales as a Mary Kay beauty consultant.

Secretarial Services

Following this, the opportunity came to revert to my secretarial way of life, which led me to begin my own business. In September 1986 the City of New Westminster issued the first Business Licence to Omega Secretarial Services, a home-based business that has developed over the years.

I joined Toastmasters in 1999 and in 2007 achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), which is the highest level of achievement in Toastmasters.

I LOVE DOGS!! Since July 2012, I have boarded a vast variety of dogs while their pet parents are away on vacation or business. Please visit Maureen’s Dog Boarding and see our delightful canine friends!!

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