Résumé and Covering Letter Preparation

Let’s consider the Résumé and its ever-growing importance in the marketplace.

A professional Résumé is crucial to your success and is, in fact, your personal advertisement.

In today’s competitive job market, it is your most valuable marketing tool and has to SELL YOU to prospective employers and lead you to the INTERVIEW stage in your job search.

Remember that the prospective employer has to LIKE YOU ON PAPER!!!


It is essential to always submit a well-written and error-proof Résumé to reach your objective, which is to be granted AN INTERVIEW!!


Please don’t dismiss the importance of always being prepared to meet the representatives of your prospective employer.

Interview skills, especially if you have not been interviewed in many years, are extremely important and play a major role in your job search.


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Please read the following:

  • The importance placed on your résumé, a self-portrait in a competitive environment, cannot be stressed enough; thus, it is imperative that you take time and deliberation to consider your résumé, covering letter and job search.
  • Employers require that prospective employees present a professionally prepared, truthful and accurate account of themselves.
  • There are many applications for available postings, and a carefully-tailored, well-written and well-presented résumé and covering letter are more likely to be considered than those poorly written.
  • Treat your résumé and covering letter with the forethought and prudence that you deserve.

Before and when we meet:

  • When you phone me, I enquire of your background and explain what I look for in preparing your résumé.
  • To avoid unnecessary delays, I encourage clients to provide as much information as possible during our telephone conversations and when working with me.
  • When you arrive at my office, I provide you coaching in interview techniques to assist you during the interview stage of your job search. This is important information and vital to successful interviewing.
  • Remember, your résumé is designed to take you to the interview stage of your job search.
  • I work with you, and your résumé and covering letter will be completed during your initial visit.

Cash and cheques are accepted.

I also accept INTERAC e-Transfer – in the methods of payment.

E-mailing your documents:
Your files can be e-mailed to you and placed on flash drive or CD, if you so wish. Your files are kept indefinitely, at no charge.

Operating a home-based business has many advantages, including flexibility! My hours are from 9:00 am onwards and I am available for evening appointments.